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International Ataxia Awareness Day (Mexico City)

Hello my name is Cory Hannan, In recognition of International Ataxia Awareness Day; I would to share my story with you.

In May of Protected content , I contracted Legionnaires' pneumonia from a contaminated water source. I was medical induced into a coma that lasted 12 days. When I awoke from the coma, nothing about me was the same, I could no longer speak words, (only sounds) I had no muscle control in my arms or legs, and I could not sallow food or liquids.

I was released from the hospital 23 day later and told that all my symptoms would pass in the weeks to come. Six months after the coma, at my first Neurologist appointment I was diagnosed with ATAXIA the word ATAXIA means “WITHOUT ORDER” the Neurologist at that visit did not know a lot about Ataxia other than it was a progressive disease and for the next 12 months I believed I was going to progress and eventually die from Ataxia.
It was not until a year and half after the coma that I was seen by an Ataxia specialist that was able to properly diagnose my Ataxia as static (non-progressive)
Ataxia is a Neurology disorder that effects muscle coordination, Balance, speech, swallowing, vision, and in some cases the heart

Ataxia is both a Disease and a Symptom. Ataxia as a disease can be both genetic and sporadic. Ataxia the disease is progressive and life shorting in nature.
Ataxia affects children, adults, and the elderly, the poor, middle class and the wealthy.

The progression is different for each person afflicted with Ataxia, however the general path of progression begins with the loss of balance which results In ones in-ability to walk, the next progression happens to the upper extremities and the muscle coordination of the arms, losing the ability to grab, hold or control your arms & hands, this is normally followed by chocking or swallowing problems that can lead to tube feeding.

Ataxia is classified as a rare disease and therefore Governments around the world do not offer much funding for research for rare diseases. It is only through grass root champing that brings awareness to the public.

As of today there is no known cure or medication available for people suffering from Ataxia. For more information about Ataxia visit Protected content or message me directly.

I have moved to Mexico City at the beginning of September Protected content , to start a Foundation/ONG in Mexico for people suffering from Ataxia.

Thank you for reading my story about Ataxia.

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