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Bank recommendations? I'm looking for... (Milan)

I'm not satisfied with my current bank, so I'm looking for a better alternative. The following items are important to me:

* Has an Italian IBAN so that I can receive my salary deposits.
* Rarely or never requires that I physically go to a branch.
* No fees for debit cards.
* No fees for credit cards.
* Debit card and credit card limits that are at least 5K euros per month.
* No annual account fees.

The following items are *not* important to me (i.e. it is okay if the bank has it, but I would not need it):

* Ability to exchange euros with other currencies, because I already found a service for this.
* English-speaking skills, because using Italian is fine for me.
* Availability of investment services.
* Ability to take out a loan.

Anyone have suggestions from your experience about which bank(s) would be good, and why?

Also useful would be if you know of any banks that would *not* be good, and why not.

Thanks for any relevant input!


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