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Best Expat Bank in Milan?


I'm moving to Milan in a couple of months and would like some advice from Internations on the best expat bank you have found in Milan. I'm interested in opening an account in Italy for day-to-day expenses. I'm finding that most banks charge at least $ Protected content wire transfer between the US and Italy, and that some American banks require a minimum $1,000 to do a wire transfer .

What banks do you recommend that are flexible and economical with wire transfers abroad between Italy-US, good customer service (i.e., if I lose my bank card and need replacement, phone support, response time), and accessible with branches in other parts of the world (in the event of job relocation)? Also, it's good if there is an actual bank branch I can go to in Milan. I checked out the Expat Banking with HSBC and it looks pretty good in terms of services offered to expats.


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