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Coming to MILANO for the FINAL...need HELP :-) (Milan)

Hello Everybody…. Ciao a tutti

I am italian, living in Münich since 5 years… and I AM INTER FAN !!!
So... for me , watching the FINAL in MÜNICH … HAS NO SENSE ))
I am coming to Milan on Friday 21st May. And I have a few questions , maybe I need a little help from some people that lives in Milan, and know this city very good!
1. Are there some BIG SCREENS for the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL? (I think yes and probably PIAZZA DUOMO), but WHAT ABOUT SAN SIRO? Any BIG SCREEN THERE?
2. What are good NIGHT CLUBS in Milan? I was there 8 years ago, and I was only in NAVIGLI, very nice, but I think there are other nice places.
3. Where are the best parties on this weekend 21st/22nd May? (Friday evening, and Saturday evening)

Would really appreciate if you could give some names, of night clubs. (Disco’s/Pub’s etc.).

Ciao a TUTTI


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