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EU Citizen/Living in Italy - documentation & ASL? (Milan)

i'm hoping someone else has gone through this scenario and can guide me on the correct procedures.

I have been living in Italy (legally: American with an elective residency VIsa up until now). I just received dual citizenship - I am now also a citizen of the EU (not Italian citizen).

Has anyone gone through the paperwork (Permesso, ASL) as an EU citizen (not Italian), living in Italy, does NOT have a work contract, not a student, Not married to an italian citizen or not married to someone who has a work permit? Staying longer that 3 months. (Someone living here independently, not relying on someone else's documents)

I want to change my status from American to EU.

I believe I need to apply for a new permesso and show that I can financially provide for myself since I don't have a work contract (yet), then i would be able to apply for ASL/Tessera Sanitaria

Any guidance is appreciated,

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