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Looking for South African food in Italy (Milan)

Dear South African friends living in Milano,

I need your help to find real South African food in Italy.

The company I work for is organising its annual global conference in Italy. This will take place near Milano in a few weeks. My colleagues from South Africa would like to offer some of their local foods to the participants during one of the breaks.

Unfortunately, the PA of the country manager have been advised that the items they wished to send will not be permitted as they are animal by-products. She also tried to find a South African food shop in Italy, with no result.

My colleagues are particularly looking for biltong and dry wors (known here as droëwors). In total they need to buy 4.5 kg of each product.

Is anybody able to help? Does anybody know where we can buy this products in Italy?

Thank you very much for your help.

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