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My success story! I lost 5kg fat with my PT! (Milan)

Hi to you all,
I felt the need to tell you all how happy I am that I managed to lose 5kg of body fat whilst taking up personal training sessions.
I went through a rough patch a while ago and I gained too much weight so I decided to take up personal training sessions a few months ago.
After only a few months of training 3 times a week and following a nutrition plan I have lost 5kg of fat and I am now looking my best ever!
Donovan (my personal trainer) done a body composition test on me once a month which told him how much body fat I had in my body to lose and how much muscle I had.
He then devised a nutrition plan for me to follow and trained me in ways that I have never trained before.
His training is challenging but he adds a fun factor to it all which helps a lot and seeing the results definitely motivates you.
I would definitely recommend Donovan to anyone who is serious about wanting to reach their goals.
Donovan Russell is his full name, he is an Internations member living in Milan and he is also on Facebook under the name "Donovan RussellFitness".

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