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Need One cool female friend (Milan)

Ok, so I really miss my female friends. I have been in Milan for almost a year and have met many people, but I guess not what I am really looking for. So I thought I would give this a shot and see what happens.

To start off with, what I do NOT want:

1. I am not interested in meeting women who only want to arrange constant playdates for our kids.
2. Although I don’t mind couple’s get-togethers, my priority is to find a female I like. I don’t particularly care if you are single or with someone, or if you are straight or lesbian. Point is, I am looking for a friend for me and not my significant other. So if all you want to do is have couple’s get-togethers I am not really interested.
3. I am also not interested in the herd mentality. I love parties and get togethers, however, I don’t like people who have the need to always be in a herd – group coffee, group barbecue, group dinner, group trip etc… and they somehow find it shocking and confusing when you actually want to do something one-on-one without feeling the need to invite 10 more people.

What I REALLY want is:

One interesting female who wants to spend some adult time; have some funky cocktails, grab a coffee, hit a show, go shopping or even get some super unhealthy snacks and watch chick flicks and gossip all night. That’s it. If you think you fit then I would love to hear from you.

Ps. If you are a guy looking for female ‘friends’, I am not interested. So please don’t contact me.

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