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Rude Women at internations event (Milan)

Hi everybody,

I am sorry to make a bad report but I have to.

Tonight I went to St Patrick celebration in an internation event in brera, via fiori oscuri in fiori oscuri pub.

A beautiful place in brera. I had a lot of fun and met interesting people.

After few hours of being in the pub, a strange group of girls came.

They were all easy going at first but as I met them better, they started making fun of italian people and make jokes about their pronunciations.

They were looking for attention and, as I gave compliments to one of them (the one I thought was classy), they all got upset and began to say I was rude and "italian".

How dare they !!! They ruined my night and I hope not to see them again in any other internations events.

Just to make you aware of these unpleasant girls, I give details: one is from Australia (Perth, Subiaco), blonde and chubby. One is from (USA) Colorado, slim good looking brunette with a snaky eyes and she says she has a "boyfriend" in Afghanistan !!! one is from UK I think, she is really tall and really classy but she is a bitch !!!.

If I see them again in any place around the world, expecially in Italy, I won't be diplomatic any more...

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