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Some questions about relocation paperwork (Milan)


So, I've been offered a job in Milan and will be moving over in 4 weeks. I am getting the impression that there is a lot of paperwork involved once I arrive and it can take a long time.

It looks like I need the following....

An ID card
Certificato di residenza (certificate of registration)
Register at the Anagrafe (Attestazione di Iscrizione Anagrafica).

Do I need to register for a tax number?
I heard that once I have a room in an apartment I need to register for something else as well?
Oh, damn, and I will need to register with a doctor etc

Have I missed anything else I need to fill in or register or are any of the above not needed? I also saw that there are "Document agencies", or certificati, agenzie,
that offer paperwork assistance. Has anyone used one of these agencies and what are the costs involved?

Relocation is turning out to be a massive stress!

Thanks in advance,


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