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Hi, I can't believe that I only just joined Internations and already i'm receiving messages aimed at persuading me to come to Herbalife events!
I was warned beforehand about these spam messages and about being approached at aperitivos by people trying to get you to come to these fitness and presentation events organised by Herbalife.

Here is a message I received today which I have copied and pasted:
"Ciao , martedì vado a una serata dove si assaggiano i prodotti per stare in forma ed energetici di H.....: bevande, infusi, frullati ecc. inizia alle 20.30 al Royal Hotel Falcone nel centro di Monza. E' gratuito, basta mettersi in lista per domani! buona serata !

It clearly is a mistake because this so called event was for Tuesday!
The point is I have mentioned to Francesco (I wont use the surname) before in an email that I am not interested in Herbalife or their products!
And how on earth Francesco gained access to my private email and now knows i'm a member of Internations is mystery!
I'm an ex Herbalife distributer myself who had bad experiences with the company ok. I was fed the promise of making good money at one of their deceiving plush events which they organise, only to end up spending a lot more then I actually made back!
For the last time I am not interested in Herbalife products or interested in becoming a distributer!
Here is what one trainer had to say about Herbalife: Protected content
Francesco please don't contact me again regarding this subject.

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