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wifi-for-home-situation in Milan?

Hi °°° ^_^
I'd like to ask for some info about getting wifi in an appartment. I am moving to Milan in October and I've been searching an appartment. Today someone told me that in the flat, which she is renting, there is no internet yet. If I take her flat, I have to solve the issue by myself. I'm still living in Austria right now and have no clue what it would mean to me. I did some research online but unfortunately my Italian is not so good, I got a bit lost in all the websites in Italian. For now I just want to find out if it's possible to have a flexible contract, like without monthly subscriptions (don't want to be bounded too early to some one-year-contract) and how much it costs for wifi (unlimited data) + TV (I don't need many channels, I want to have TV only to have some background sound in Italian to improve my Italian skill)
Thanks a lot in advance!

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