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How is it to live in Liberia? (Monrovia)


Hello all,
I am being offered a job in Liberia on Ebola project, and I tend to accept it. Hopefully the deployment will happen in October, very soon... I've never been to Africa before, and thus have no idea how it is to live there. I count on the international community to help me with integration, so any suggestions are welcome!
1. What is the weather there like? What kind of clothes should I take with me, or what expats normally wear... like jeans, t-shirt, sandal shoes?
2. What are the essential things that I should cary with me to Liberia?
3. Are there, or are there not, any restrictions (to dress-code or something else) for women? Sorry for such stupid question, I just know nothing about that place, and internet is not very informative.
4. Any tango community? Probably not, but... maybe some expats are the same tango-addict.

Thanks a lot!

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