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Considerations for temporary stay while working (Montréal)

I am a 100% remote worker for a U.S. company, and I am interested in living and working in Montreal temporarily (<6 months). I am a U.S. national without dual citizenship. So far, my research seems to indicate that I should be able to accomplish this with just my passport, indicating to border officials what my intentions are with documentation to back up source of income outside of Canada, permanent residence out of Canada, intention to only stay temporarily, etc. This would be a "trial run" for me to see if I might like to eventually become a permanent resident.

Am I missing anything? Should I speak with an immigration lawyer just in case? Obviously I would not want to be turned away at the border.

Other than that, does anyone have suggestions on where I might stay? I was thinking near to one of the WeWorks would be convenient. Also, long term AirBnB or short term furnished lease? Any other tips/insights? I visited Montreal once for a week in Protected content really liked it, but I want to discover what I might dislike about it living there for longer periods (I do not know yet if I will stay for a portion of winter or not).

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