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Dublin to Sydney to Montreal (Montréal)

Gday Expats,

I've lived in Sydney for 11 years having come from Dublin as a young backpacker. I have Montreal on the horizon for next year as a long term move and am currently doing what I can to learn as much as I can about the city.

Although my Fiancé is French, I myself have very little French (broken conversational at best). Between now and the move I aim to improve that dramatically though I cant see myself being "fluent" from a professional point of view.

I am a web designer after a very recent career change from Stockbroking (moving to Montreal was one of a few reasons for this change) and although designing itself doesn't change regardless of the language, having French to communicate with colleagues and clients would be very important.

I'm hoping to connect with someone from the design industry who can shed light on the industry itself or anyone really who has had the same situation with a lack of French and its impact on their career...

Also interested in anyones stories of "the big move" from anywhere in the world, to Montreal...



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