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Moved from Australia to Calgary and Now Montreal (Montréal)

Hello Lovely People,

I have moved to Montreal 2 months back and am absolutely in love with the city. Living in Old Montreal is super fantastic but can be lonely without friends. I am working remotely for a Calgary company right now so am cooped up in the apartment all day but I am not made for this haha I am a social butterfly who loves to meet new people. I want to join French classes soon, would love to hear about any good courses anyone can recommend. I also want to join a photography course, does anyone know of a good one which is in English? :-)

I was part of internations in Calgary and met some amazing people who became like my family. Hope the same happens here in Montreal. I love to explore the city, explore the gastronomy, cultural activities, festivals etc.

It would be great to have the opportunity to catch up and get to know each other.