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Moving to Montreal 2013 (Montréal)


Hi everyone! I'm a Canadian living in the Philippines but I'm planning to move to Montreal next year mainly because I'll be going there to learn martial arts. :) I'm already trying to do some research on the neighborhoods that would be in my price range (a 2 br apt for 700/month or less) and with a good english school nearby for my 9 year old son. We are both learning French now but I'm not sure how fluent we will be by next year since we hardly get to practice it here.

Also what kind of jobs can I expect to find with my minimal knowledge of French? I'm also considering opening a home-based cupcake business if I can't find a job. Would this be a good option?

Would love to hear your moving stories or suggestions on areas I could check out. I will be in Montreal this November and would love to start making friends in the city!

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