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Pls advise- Montreal Schooling/ Neighborhood/ etc (Montréal)

Hi! I need advice on the following concerns I have about moving to Montreal. A brief background- I am an Indian, my husband is travelling on work permit, I have two girls, one 5 and one 8.

1. Public English Schools: can you recommend a good school, pref where elementary and high school is in one unit? Are these schools free for international students? What is the expectation of French required for my children to attend one of these schools as I see there is still around 30% instruction in French. Is there a Councillor body that helps in the admissions?

2. Living: Which is better to opt for- electric heating or Gas heating and why? My husbands office will be located in the city near downtown. Which is the best family friendly neighborhood? I am looking for something pref on the green Metro line. Verdun/ Lasalle/ Westmount?

3. Work? Je parle un pe de Francais. I studied it for 5 years in Africa, I believe its a matter of refreshing it and I have a good chance of being fluent. What are the formalities and chances of my getting a job either flexi time or full. My background is Fashion and Digital Marketing space. Can anyone recommend some good local sites for job search?

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