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advice!! (Moscow)

I'm a young-(ish) single woman who has just come to Moscow to live for work, I will be trying to find a home soon, and I want to know if there are any areas in Moscow that are popular with single expats for living? you know so its easy to meet up with people, socialise with out traveling 20 stops on the metro and to get home safely on your own?

when I lived in Istanbul it was really easy to find out where to go (Beyoglu) it was right near Taksim and easy to walk to bars, shops and restaurants, and had a huge community of people to meet and make friends with from all over the world,

is there an are like this where the expat community gravitates too? can any one recommend any where too me? Moscow is soooo huge im not really sure where to start,

thanks in advance Beth :)

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