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Chilis on Arbat (Moscow)

HI Guys
Just wanted to share my review, and pre warn people.
I have just returned from my secound visit to Chillis bar and sadly to say, on both occasions left very disappointed
On my first visit I went for the mixed starters which were nice, folled ny a bowl of the famous cook off chilli, which was horrendously bad, basiclly a bowl of minced beef, with a touch of tomato flavouring. It was greasy and tastless, not a sign of chilli or spice to be found
Against my better judgement, we gave them another try last night and went for the Old Timer burger, this was sadly worse, the bun was cold, salad wasnt dried before being put on the bun, and the burger, looked and tasted like a cheap frozen burger, it was cold, flavourless and over ccooked, not a sign of juice or flavour to be found.
On my advice, untill they get their act together, give this place a wide birth.

The burger at The Starlight Diner on the Internations night was far superior, how a burger should be

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