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Disease will not cancel New Year - gifts for kids (Moscow)

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Join our Mocow Volunteer Group and lets's go global doing charity work!

Let’s help children dreams come true! Let’s change our business wear to party suits and undress our formal smiles… Let’s do wonders!

New Year and Season Celebrations are coming! “Gift of Life” Fund starts collecting gifts for kids in hospitals. This year they made a Wish list of NY’s gifts that kids would like to get. Unfortunately many children will have to welcome NY staying in hospitals. We all believe in NY’s magic. Unfortunately, neither Daddy Frost (Russian version of Santa Clause), nor Santa Clause or Kind Fairy is able to make their dreams come true… But WE CAN!

To simplify the process, so that you don’t have to think what to buy as a gift and spend time shopping, the Fund made arrangements with “Enter” internet shop. November 5 – December 15, Protected content to, choose gifts with “Gift of Life” label (red label «Подари жизнь»), get special price, pay on-line and the gift will go straight to hospital.

Choosing at least one labeled gift guarantees at least one child’s dream come true. Kids of various age from 7 different hospitals sent their gift wishes to Daddy Frost. Each ordered item will reduce the list of requests and fulfill one’s dream!

Let’s hope that by December 15, all labeled items will be sold out. And all dreams will come true!

You can choose gifts here: Protected content - choose the items and press “ПОДАРИТЬ” (GIFT). There is a box where you can leave your personal holiday greetings.

ATTENTION! It is easier to use the full site version of the internet shop, if you are using the mobile version, go bottom page and choose full version.

All the details and order instructions can be found here: Protected content

Shall you have any questions, you can contact me directly.

All gifts purchased under this charity event “Disease will not cancel New Year” will be shipped directly to hospitals and kids will get their presents during New Year shows December Protected content , straight from the hands of Daddy Frost.

Can you imagine the way kids smile?.. It makes me smile already, join the charity event and spread the New Year’s smile around!

Small Help is the Secret of Big Happiness!

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