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I have been atacked tonight by russian (police ?) (Moscow)


tonight at 00:15 hours russia
i was atacked by a man called himself Kostja
who said to be related to my best friend, assistant, Irina Zygenhagel ( Irina below zygenhagel ) Protected content ) apparently jelousy case.

He asked me to leave russia in 2 days
otherwise he will call a friend of him policeman, to bring me out of the country
i asked him kindly to leave the room
while he thretened me and atacked me, hitting me few times

i kept calm myself
he left

i informed the vederussia community members off the grid i am living at

tomorrow i will decide next step

while i find this location wonderful
and have no intensions to leave
i wonder if this man also constinuesly abused fisically Irina
while i have heard from her that he abused her sexualy once
i feel concern about her health

may be your advice important for this community
also for myself if you know how to proceed in this case in russia

which kind of russian agency cares for police that support this kind of abusive men?


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