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Lifestyle in Moscow

Ok guys, let's do some brain storming;)

I know a lot about Moscow, I know everything about service and lifestyle, I really want to share my experience with those of you who came to Moscow for the first time and plans to stay here for a while. I would be so so much grateful if you could help me to find out the following things:

1) Why did you come here? Was it because of international assignment or you want to start your own business in Moscow? Or maybe you are studying here Russian history?

2) What are the most common problems you have to cope with at a new place? Is it language barrier, cold weather or lack of knowledge about what is around you?

3) Would you want to have someone or some kind of service that will help you to adapt to a living in a new country? What things would you ask them to do for you or to help you with?

Thank you a lot for you attention and answers!

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