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Pitching a new England - Moscow Postal Service! :)

Fellow Internation'ers! Good evening!

I write as a somewhat weary customer of the Russian Postal Service who has grown tired of feeling anxious every time I get something posted over from England!

Several months ago we decided to start networking and build a small group of fellow travellers who were moving between England and Moscow regularly. We then offered to carry items for friends and family.

This group has turned into our little online community on VK. Now that we're up and running with a healthy list of happy customers, I would like to extend the invite to your good selves.

If you are keen to find out more please PM me and I will let you know all.

Thanks very much for your time, I do hope that you can consider us a useful contact for the future!

Kind Regards,

~ Relative newcomer to Moscow and internations!

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