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SOS.....depressed in Moscow!!!

i don`t know how to use this site. What is so strange in this City????
My comment......This is not my home!!!!
I feel so depresses for this moment. Don`t know anyone here in Moscow.
Were are the other lonely soles who just like to talt about there bad experiences in Moscow. What is not so good as in our countries we are coming from. Where is the club of desperate Expats. I hate communicating by computers. This ebening, after one bottle wine I can feel this lonelyness, this feeling of completly being alone in nowhere. My husband is on a buisness trip, Skype is not working....A connection in Moscow is still working and after this....
Who te f*** feels sometimes the same....?
Not everytime we can feel so glad to be here. What do u do when u get depressed of beeing here in this f**** City where no one is talking one word english??? Am I an alien or is there someone feeling sometimes the same??? Please contact me to know that I`m not the only one who get deopressed sometimes to bein here!!!!

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