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Supporting the Charity Foundation "De Bon Arte" (Moscow)

De Boni Arte charitable foundation has several projects & charity programs that may be interesting to you:
- concerts in Moscow Catholic Cathedral: the support possibility lies in purchasing tickets for yourself (money will go to people in need & to the charity programs); or in buying a ticket for someone, who can't do it ("hanging ticket" program).
- Summer Academy of Church Music (its the only organization in Russia, that provide education in Church Music, including the organ improvisation and gregorian chant): they invite sponsorship for the students or of the special publishing house (they print rare books about the Sacred Music), also they seek voluntary support (to organizing committee or to their interpreters command).
For Academy they invite known professors from Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Poland and Russia.
- International Christmas Festival : There are many ways to collaborate, including sponsorship, ticket purchasing, voluntary support.
- Also, they need a persons, who can help th em to publish some notes about their events and projects in social media, sites and in the press (in any language).
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