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Invest in Social Sector in India and make a differ (Mumbai)

Networking Purpose
Looking for Venture Philanthropists, Angel Donors and Business Partners to set up a “Social Sector B-School” and a chain of “Retirement Homes” in India. The Retirement Home will provide for oldage care and assisted living, The “Social Sector B-School” will provide for entrepreneurial, vocational and livelihood training in the emerging areas of business for rural, tribal and urban youth, particularly the girls, It is proposed to integrate the two projects into a self Sustaining Humanitarian Village. Anyone interested may contact me at Protected content

Areas of Expertise
I, along with my team, have expertise in Organizational Designing & Restructuring, Project Formulation and Appraisal, Project Planning & Development, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Rehabilitation & Resettlement of Project Affected People, Baseline and Household Survey, Impact Assessment, Training Staff , Board Building, Volunteering and Investment Opportunities for Nonprofits.

I, along with my team, offer professional support services for initiating, launching, managing, strengthening and evaluating social projects for addressing emerging social problems.

I, along with my team, undertake turn key assignments for designing projects, appraising proposals and NGOs, developing programs, designing project monitoring systems, and designing organizational systems.

I, along with my team, work with international aid agencies, corporate sector, government, NGOs, charity community based groups, national and local funding agencies, philanthropists and other stakeholders in society.

Services Offered
I, along with my team, offer personalized professional inputs and services in the following areas:

(a) Conceiving, planning and implementing social projects
• Undertaking analysis of emerging scenario, preparing concept paper and developing thrust areas for donor/corporate involvement in community work
• Scanning and identifying opportunities for social sector invest in India
• Conceiving, designing and managing social/ philanthropy projects in India / South Asia
• Designing monitoring system and undertaking monitoring for proposed and on-going funded projects
• Undertaking ex-post and concurrent evaluation and impact assessment of funded projects

(b) Designing and restructuring social enterprises
• Conceiving and developing Institutional systems for planning and administration of projects, and project support/implementation units
• Organizational designing & restructuring nonprofits, co-operatives and academic institutions
• Strategic management of social sector intervention
• Undertaking organizational renewal and development of partner NGOs/groups

(c) Survey, impact assessment and documentation
• Researching and developing concept paper on social and organizational issues
• Conducting baseline socio-economic/ household/ livelihood survey in villages and urban communities for planning development projects and implementation
• Documenting development work - process documentation, preparing and designing reports and information brochures, MOU/TOR, legal framework, etc.
• Preparation of Rehabilitation and Resettlement Action Plan for infrastructure project affected persons and for involuntarily displaced people
• Undertaking research, documentation, publication, communication and presentation in the area of corporate social responsibility, NGO management, charity, philanthropy, etc.

(d) Setting up and running Social enterprises
• Helping start, run and manage NGOs, co-operatives, beneficiary organizations, and other form of organizations
• Help design, legal documentation and incorporating of Indian office of international agencies and actual setting up
• Set up and run advocacy, liaison and local office for international agencies in India
• Setting up NGOs, Trusts, beneficiary organizations, chamber of commerce, associations
• Institutional support for launching and managing social sector projects

(e) Partnership Development for Social Sector Investment
• Identifying and appraising NGOs and community-based groups/organizations for facilitating financial and technical support / partnership
• Creating opportunities for multi-stakeholder partnership for strategic intervention in development of artisans, rural development, urban renewal, etc.
• Helping donors, investors, business houses and NGOs to invest in charity, social enterprises and social sector in India and South Asia
• Managing family trust & donor fund, charity/project partner portfolio for donor agencies and philanthropists in India for social work, scholarship, awards, etc. on behalf of the donor
• Networking and harnessing diversity in the social, corporate and academic world

(f) Training
• Capacity building of staff, volunteers, board, beneficiaries, clientele, and other stakeholders
• Training functionaries and volunteers in nonprofits, CBOs, Co-operatives in the area of charity, social business and nonprofit organization management
• Conducting 1 to 3 days training workshops on fundraising and resource mobilization, organizational development (OD) process, corporate social responsibility, starting a social enterprise/trust, legal framework for NGOs, Project formulation, business plan development, project monitoring and evaluation, project management, volunteering, etc

(g) Recruitment, free lancing and Volunteering
• Social/Non-Profit Sector career opportunities - job inquiries, expertise requests, business deals, reference requests, getting back in touch
• Locating professionals for positions in NGOs, corporate social responsibility and other assignments in for social organizations / projects
• Finding consultants for free lancing short term as well as long term assignments
• Creating opportunities for volunteering, internship, training and sabbatical placement for interested individuals and groups from India and abroad
• Finding volunteering opportunities and placing international volunteers in India

Prof Swapan Garain, Senior Fellow (Johns Hopkins), PhD, MA, BSW, DIM
Social Entrepreneur & Professor
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