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about my sports activities (Muscat)

Some very important requests and stipulations . Please please please , I don t want to sound rude but it is unacceptable for some people to show up 15 and twenty minutes late to any of my very detailed timings and venues sports events only to spend another 10 minutes or so inside the gym in front of the International champions and coaches on the phone , and then walk away in the middle of the session . This is a highly professional place we are being invited to. Please refrain from bringing phones to any of my sports activities or taking videos . Be on time or even before time to say hi and rub shoulders with some and never ever leave until the coach or trainer says so.

If the activity is posted that means it is still on even it takes me being the only one available in the class , it is still on till the finishing time. and of course the same classical request if you can t make it cancel attendance at least 4 hours prior to the event

We are trained along with highly committed regular sportsmen and women. So please show some appreciation of that and don t leave the impression that I brought a bunch of vagabonds along with me and of course do not expect me to carry the phone inside the gym with me to answer your phone calls or give you directions. I don t accept it and I don t tolerate that. Please act more maturely and be disciplined

many thanks and welcome abroad

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