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Francois Carpentier

Living in Oman, from France

"Coming with my family wasn't easy at the beginning, but thanks to the local scouts we received some excellent advice. "

Marielle Depois

Living in Oman, from Canada

"I will never forget the great support provided the InterNations Ambassador in Muscat when I came to Oman as an expat woman on my own. "

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Our Expat Community in Oman Welcomes You!

As-Salām 'alaykum, and a warm welcome to the InterNations Community for expats in Oman! As a platform designed to serve expatriates living in Oman and elsewhere around the world, InterNations is here to help you overcome the obstacles associated with relocating to a new country. A wealth of expats in Oman have made use of the information available here at InterNations. Whether you're already in Oman or you're due to move, you can benefit from the knowledge on InterNations and make some contributions of your own. While participating in our community, you'll be able to answer some key questions with the help of dedicated guides as well as information that other expats in Oman have contributed, covering topics such as "will I find the workplace culture challenging?", "how can I observe Ramadan as a non-Muslim?", and "will I be able to access all the shops I enjoyed at home?".

While some expats moving to Muscat, Salalah, and other major cities may miss some of the goods they enjoyed at home, it is possible to purchase imports from specialist stores. While browsing InterNations, you'll also find tips for managing during Ramadan, such as eating indoors and visiting your favorite restaurants after darkness, as well as much more information on expat life. Oman offers a culture that is beautifully different from western countries, allowing open-minded individuals the chance to broaden their horizons.

Next to Oman we host several more communities in Middle East & Central Asia, e.g., our network of China Expat. Or you might be interested in our Expatriates Bahrain community which is also fairly active.

Our Support for Oman Expatriates

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Find and get to know like-minded expatriates residing in Oman, their partners and families.

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Obtain trustworthy advice and local insight from fellow members in our Oman expat forums.

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Embark on Your Life as an Expat in Oman

Oman's landscape offers a blend of majestic relics reflecting its history, plantations that are rich with palms and bananas, and city skylines complete with impressive architecture. Islam forms the basis of Oman's culture, alongside Middle Eastern cuisine and a love for finery. An Oman expat's life offers plenty of opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle, as lean meats, rich spices, and rice underpin much of the country's dishes.

Many Oman expats choose to live in Muscat, where there is a thriving business district and plenty of opportunities to work in the petroleum, steel, or motor industries. Employers looking to attract expats to Oman often offer attractive salary packages, low taxes, and subsidized accommodation. Beginning your expat life in Oman will allow you to enjoy a gentle introduction to the Middle East, which in turn can lead to opportunities in other countries.

Interested to take a world tour? Then have a look at our chapter for Expat Qatar to receive an impression of InterNations worldwide. Or you could take a peek at our community for Spain Expat instead!

Find New Friends Even before You Start Your Life in Oman

When you become a member of the InterNations Community, you are gaining access to members who have gone through our approval process prior to gaining membership. After all, to make a valuable contribution, it is important to trust fellow members, remain polite, and practice good 'netiquette'. Joining the InterNations expatriate community in Oman allows you to seek answers to important questions. This includes where to find the best schools, how to set up your health insurance, finding a reliable bank account, and arranging your visa. Being able to obtain information first hand from those who have experienced life in Oman is an invaluable asset when you're making the move yourself.

In addition to the more serious side of becoming an expat, you have the chance to broaden your social horizons, too. InterNations Official Events as well as smaller get-togethers — from bike rides on the beach, to cooking classes and evening workouts — are all arranged via the InterNations Communities in Oman and enable you to meet fellow expatriates and global minds face-to-face.

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