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Any body here??!! (Muscat)

Hello everybody, I am Kareem a new arrival to Muscat, actually I have been here for two months now, and for lack of my luck I am extremely bored here, fortunately I know the reason
(Every problem is a treasure, only if we know its roots to prevent its reoccurence) :D:D
The reason is the style of life here is against my active life which is full of friends, activities, hanging out, and so on...

So what I am asking
Does anybody here sharing with me the same problem?
Does any body here can help me to solve out this issue?
Any recommendations?
please don`t tell me join groups and try them ..... I have tried all groups but it is only chating, I couldnt find any gathering..
Sometimes when I am alone, I think seriously to pack my luggage and back to my normal life...If anybody can help I would be grateful

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