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Art Exhibit-Omani Ledgens-Flags Project 1day only! (Muscat)

Dear all, since the past 3 months the British Council and Omani Society of Fine Arts have been doing a project with 40 Omani Artist and over 70 Omani Children (from rural area) - These flags have been painted with Legends and Stories passed down through generations.

Last Night was the opening - It was simply stunning!

These flags will be posted all over Mutrah and at various Museums to remind everyone of the Omani Legends and their interpretation by local artist.

However before they get distributed to the entire city, for 1 day only, ALL the flags will be displayed in ONE Location

Date : 02-May-12 Wednesday
Venue: Bait Zubair Museum (old muscat city - past muscat gate)
Timing : 4 p.m to 6 p.m

I really feel its a great show to take all the kids and show them stories of legends on flags (I'll be taking my 8 yr old son for sure!)

Hope all art lovers can come and bring their families - entrance is free, and art is only to be displayed (not for sale)

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