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Considerations before moving (Muscat)


G'day IN forum,
I have been offered a contract in Oman and am after some information before I make the big move with my family. I stumbled across this forum and wow, heaps of info here :) I have some questions that I am sure someone here will be able to help me out with, so here goes:
1: I have read that the British School or the Royal Flight School are possibly the pick of schools. My daughter is 11 in August so will be going into year 6 for the 12/13 school year. Are there any other schools that rate a mention and I should be considering? In regards to the Royal Flight School, where do people send their children for high school?
2: How do families go in regards to getting a license, I read somewhere (cant remenber where) that you need a residency visa. Is this the case?
3: What about health insurance and medical services? Do local companies cover expats or should we look at getting cover before we leave Australia?
4: Can you enter the country on a tourist visa and then apply for a residency visa? Or do you need to apply before arriving?
5: In regards to housing, are there many places that can be rented fully furnished? Is it fairly reasonably priced to buy furniture if we can't find a place furnished? We are looking for a 3 bedroom place to house the family. Can anyone recommend a good website for rentals? Are are there any areas that we should stay clear of when looking for acomodation?
6: Can anybody share their words of wisdom in regards to moving a family half way around the world? It is quite daunting, yet exciting.

I think that's it for now, no doubt I'll have more questions along the way.



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