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Hope all is OK with my friends in Oman!! (Muscat)

I was shocked by the news on the unrest around the Sohar area, and reportedly there have also been demonstrations in Muscat itself?
having spent much time in Oman last year, and made many friends within the Omani community, I hope that they nor their families been affected by what is going on and hope things soon settle down.
I have tried to contact a friend of mine in the Palace but have not heard anything from him . It was not a country I would have expected to have this sort of thing going on, His Majesty was always spoken about with great affection.
The state visit by the Dutch queen (I live in the Netherlands) is reportedly still going ahead later this week - although a number of Dutch families have been evacuated this morning from the Sohar region.

One things shows this last few weeks with the unrest around teh world - expect the unexpected!

Best wishes to all of you


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