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Incompetent courier company (Muscat)

Dear all,
If you are contemplating using the services of a well known courier company who's name starts with a "D" and who is using yellow trucks; DON'T.
SIX DAYS ago I ordered and paid for this company to pick up a document from an embassy in DUBAI. To date I have not received this document.
The courier company keeps making excuses over excuses.
The embassy in question contacted me several times, asking when I would send the courier. No-one had shown up at their offices to collect my document.
The courier company claims that several visits were made, but the document was not handed over to them.
I had to call the courier company several times to ask what is going on. They did not think of actually calling ME, to say that there is a problem.
This level of incompetence from an international company is astonishing.
My company has - SO FAR - worked with said courier company. For how much longer this will be the case remains to be seen.

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