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Increasing traffic accidents on our roads...... (Muscat)


Occurence of road accidents and the often tragic consequences of them, are in despite of all the proactive measures of the ROP and media, increasing. Every day we seem to hear of an horrific and totally avoidable accident. Like many of you every day I see reckless and dangerous driving on the roads, be it tailgating, speeding, not using indicators etc....I often see young guys in powerful cars speeding and flashing their lights at those cars in front, who for all intent and purpose are obeying the traffic laws but are then bullied to move. Even down to the total lack of consideration when you are patiently waiting in a traffic queue just for someone to come up and pull in, who just can be bothered waiting.

What can be done? I think that other road users should be much more proactive and take down registrations etc of said cars and give them to the ROP. This can be done via email and anonymous. Yes it could be open to abuse etc, but I am sure if the ROP got say 6 reports in a week (from different sources) of a certain vehicle and its driver behaving recklessly then they will see a pattern and take action, even question the driver and clip his wings so to speak. If we as careful and considerate drivers assist in the policing of the roads and that all reckless drivers know for a fact that many eyes are watching them, then I think in time they will get the message.

It must!

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