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Living in Muscat

Dear all,

our family will be moving to Muscat in May - June.
Now that we are preparing for the move, we are also thinking about life in Muscat, with respect to the following:

- life for kids - we have 2 daughters (2 y.o. and 4 y.o.) - is Oman and Muscat specifically a kids friendly place?
- are there parks and activities for my wife and for babies of this age?
- sport activities - being Oman quite mountainous I would expect that hiking is a big sport - any tips to bear in mind (ie. avoid summer months for is too hot,? - is it dangerous for kids - ie. steep and exposed paths;
- road cycling - again is ok or best to avoid because of sun? and road traffic is it ok or chaotic and dangerous for a road cyclist?

Thanks for your kind suggestions,

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