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lonely Garfield (Muscat)

good morning all,
hope you had wonderful evening just like me (card game till the morning, ended by Mc breakfast).
so here is our story,
I had got Mr. Hermes, less than a year Maine Coon, who wants to play and have fun just like any other cat, but unfortunatelly I am not able to cover his lifestye needs and for that he is kind of depressed and wants kids from his own spieces to play football matches and eat tuna fish together.
he start losing hair recently because of the deression even I spend a lot of time with him,
I wonder if any body here had had the same situation or can help me recover Mr. Hermes and get him out of his situation.
I am interested in hosting another cat for once a week for the whole day or v.v!
it would be really great for him to spend a day out or to have his friend in my home. are not we all enjoy the same habit (socializing).
p.s I am not looking for female partner in the meantime as he is still young for that.
Mr. Hermes is well trained and harmless. and I am doing him the hair cut and all the beauty care at home.
he will meet his doctor for the first time within this week.
hope you can help me as I am not fully aware of the cats needs.

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