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Moving from South Africa (Muscat)


Hello All

I have been offered a position in Muscat and will be moving over mid-August.
I have done a lot or research on Muscat, and I am busy counting down the days till I land there. Looks amazing.
I was wondering if anyone may be able to aid in a few answers to some questions:
1) How difficult would it be to obtain a spouse Visa? I am getting married in 2 weeks but due to the fact I am getting married after my job offer has come through I will be applying on my own.
2) my wife is a swimming teacher for kids. Where would be the best place to look for jobs for her?
3) Am I able to drive on my south African Drivers Licence in Muscat?
4) how much is it to lease a car?
5)What is the general cost of living?

I am sure there are a few questions I will need to ask over the next few weeks if you would be able to help.

I look forward to your response.

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