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Moving to Muscat

Hi! I'm Italian and I'll be moving to Muscat in January. I'm planning on attending Arabic courses and finding a job there.
I already know about the visa but what do you recommend to easily displace in the city? Could renting a car be a good idea maybe?

I speak Italian, English, French, Spanish and a bit of Arabic. Where could I go to find an employment involving these languages?

I know I need a sponsor to find an accommodation so I figure it'd be fundamental to have a job.

I'm interested in any useful info about living in Oman, food, lifestyle, time schedules, anything that could be different from Europe and important for me to know. I really want to get into the culture instead of exporting my culture and force others to accept me: I want to blend in and learn to adapt to this country's culture.

I hope I will be hearing from you all soon and thanks to you who got to read until here :)


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