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Moving to Oman in September (Muscat)

Good Morning all. I just joined the Internations community and have been lurking on the periphery trying to take in the information available, so far I have found it very informative.

I will be taking up a new role in Oman, most likely starting at the beginning of September and am researching the basics for living in Oman. I've been living in Bahrain for the past 2 years and have loved it. I haven't had the chance to travel to Oman but I have heard all good things about it. Bahrain is a tiny country and while there are outdoor activities to enjoy, I haven't really ventured beyond doing some Karting and trackdays at the F1 track.

I have heard that there is good scuba diving and I would love to get back into that, after a two year break from diving in the cold waters of the Atlantic off the Irish coast, diving in nice warm water is something I want to do again. I also love to drive and the fact that Oman is a big country with nice roads makes it better for me on a personal level. I have seen that there is an "Oman Petrolheads" group, I would like to know more about that so perhaps someone could point me in the right direction?

I don't really need information on accommodation as that is being laid on by my employer, as is the car, but I'd like to know more about Oman in general from expats like you with your unique insights.

I hope to get to meet some of you in the not too distant future and I am looking forward to starting a new phase of my life in Oman:)

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