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Nishrab Qahwa 3arabee Arabic conversational Club (Muscat)

Something that I ve just created based on a popular demand and the need for one . Feel free to like , add , join or simply comment on it .My initial idea is I will try to set one hour aside weekly to be there in a cafe where we can have a nice quality chit-chat , so for all the lovers of this fabulous language, you re all welcome abroad . Like my page and follow my latest news . thanks for your attention

As I ll be committed for the next 2 weeks, we ll have the gathering soon , either in Ramadhan , possibly at Kargeen, if not then in November , insha Allah .

In the mean time , take a chance and try to converse with some natives with what you know . You ll be amazed how you slowly start building up vocab and also putting the jigsaw together . Best way is decide not to take your car one time for example , grab a cab, but bargain first before you get on, don t fall a victim for some highly-overcharging dudes . Once all is settled commence your journey , you ll be amazed with two facts how incredibly friendly the same driver is and how much you can learn by the same now instructor -driver,

I guess , it 's worth paying extra from the beginning for the sake of the extra job he handles( just kidding )

stay tuned

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