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Start from a twinkle (Muscat)


I read in World forum a long thread about "twinkle". I got many funny experiences with this twinkle.... in World forum, people see twinkle as another way of saying hello... but I think we all know that twinkle is not the way of saying hello... am I wrong?

a woman twinkled me and since she is a woman, I twinkled her back, the next day I got short message from her saying "are you interested in a woman?" :) lol
a total stranger man twinkled me and he sent me a message said "let have fun with me!" , I replied and say "if you can efford me!" :) lol

now, barely for me to use this twinkle thing except to friends or someone I have met in person.

I wonder if other IN members have any funny stories connecting to this twinkle things...let's roll the ball !!!

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