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Top Ten List of my recent fav Mct Taxi Drivers! (Muscat)

Apologies, folks, am swamped with requests and since I am leaving Mct soon, I am posting this info for the benefit of those IN members with transport issues. While I have only used some once (and made the list for their kindness) the rest, I have known and used for 2.5 years (all Omanis of course). Your first call might be a challenge--suggest you always call 30 min. before and meet them at a popular location until they get familiarized with your area. (You can mention that they were recommended by Nancy of Qurum 29). Whenever you make the call, always ask where he is at that moment so you can choose to call someone else if he is very far or is not available. Majority of them have daytime jobs but some could be off and are available. Suggest you ask for their rates though they will kindly compromise if you tell them what you can afford to pay:
1. Mohammed - # Protected content
2. Badar - # Protected content
3. Ali (the Fireman!) # Protected content
4. Obaid # Protected content
5. Haitam 1 # Protected content , # Protected content
6. Navhan # Protected content
7. Amor # Protected content
8. Hamad # Protected content
9. Haitam 2 # Protected content and after 4pm only)
10. Naeem # Protected content to be called Protected content before).

Dear Anurag, Fiki - thanks for your messages, but if you PM me your email add, I can send you 4 additional names who have private cars.

To all-- sorry but I will not be able to reply re this topic again after tonight.

All the best,

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