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Unfortunately belief in God does not always help (Muscat)

Unfortunately belief in God does not always help us to accept each other. Now why is that?
@Kinda Nas
Your own statement tells a lot. BELIEF in GOD. GOD is a matter of belief. We accept the belief whole heartedly or suspiciously. We always say I believe in GOD. I have seen few who say I know GOD. So, the belief makes you cling to it dearly depending on your own way of being brought up. If you are born christian , but brought up in a hindu family, you will see the GOD in LORD KRISHNA and such other deities. Your blood realtions with christians will not prevent that. If you are muslim but brought up in a christian family, you will go to church to pray instead of a mosque. So , basically it comes from the bringing up environment. The stronger the environment, stronger the belief. GOD does not call you and tell you to believe him. You just do that out of that conditioning of mind. the same conditioning prevents us from accepting other ways and beliefs which are not known to us. It feels foreign. strange and so unwelcome. Also, we like to make groups out of almost anything. Its tendency. Internations is also a group. You tolerate me talking to you, although i am a perfect stranger, because we belong to the same group. It gives you a raised level of tolerence. you may not listen to me , had i been telling you all theses following you in the street, may be you will call police!!! So, both these factors prevents us from accepting each other. It has nothing to do with Jesus or mohammed or Budhdha or Krishna. If they had not been there, we would have thought of some other means to fight - to differ-to shout out loud that your way is the right way. agreed?

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