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Water shortage... (Muscat)

Here is a totally new untapped drinking water source called the Humidity to Water Generator! My
company Humidity to Water L.L.C. can help with the drinking water shortage. Our H2W generators
produce purified drinking water from the humidity in the air! The H2W Atmospheric Water Generator
captures the moisture from outside air and turns it into pure drinking water.
The water is run through Reverse Osmosis (R/O) and Ultra-violet filters (UF), while the air is being
dehumidified, it is run through an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal filter to ensure clean safe air. Water is
re-circulated through the process to ensure that any stored water remains fresh and clean to avoid
secondary pollution during storage. The water is ready for drinking. We can produce up to Protected content
Liters a day depending on the amount of humidity in the air; normally, Protected content % of humidity is needed
to reach the maximum capacity.

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