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New in Town, (Nairobi)

Hi All,
We are relocating to Nairobi in December this year. Would appreciate help / feedback and input on any or all of these points - Thank you,
1. Husbands work place is in Langata. What is Langata like to live in or karen. Would prefer to get something in a gated secure community. Approx. what the rentals are - for a 3+.
2. We have a 2.5 yr old. Need recommendations on a good kindergarten which would not involve terrible travel times. Also would they typically accomodate expat families moving med term/year.
3. Have 2 dogs. Does any one know of pet relocation companies that work in Nairobi so I can minimize the risk of my dogs getting quarantined - they are very small .
4. Do we need to ship white goods or is it better to buy them in Nairobi / rent a
house with them.
I would appreciate all the input I can get and anything else you feel we should know about . Thank you again.

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