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Hello, And Love Art? (Naples)

During a late night search of the internet, I stumbled upon this site and signed up. Forgot about it, and then started receiving e-mails, etc. So, please pardon my tardiness in posting something.

I lived in Naples Italy, off and on for over 16 years. I was sent there in Protected content an 18 year old serving in the U.S. Navy. I met one of those lovely Italian girls, fell in love got married. We had two beautiful daughters, and I was living the life. Well so I thought. Without going into details, life turned bad for me, and my lovely wife didn't like the U.S. returned to Naples, and I couldn't live there without working, etc, bla, bla bla. My daughters though they were U.S. citizens remained there with their mother and her family. As it turned out grew up in the best family life ever. They are beautiful young adults, well adjusted, and the joy of my life.

After a separation of over 26 years of only off and on contact, via phone, e-mail, and visits. Our relationship has been re-established! I am getting close to retirement age, and considering returning to Italy to live. Thus my reason for joining this group.

As part of the reunion with my daughters, we frequently communicate via facebook video calls. Ah technology is wonderful! I have started creating art again. In particular Naples, area landscapes etc. Plus I've started blogging about my life and experiences there.

Art work pages:
Protected content

Protected content

Protected content

Blog posting sites, about what motivated the works of art.
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Ok, thats me, I hope to make further entries here and interact more.
Thanks for taking the time to read this long posting.
Clyde J. Kell

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