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Save the services, stop the privileges! - Petition (Neuchatel Lake)

Hi people!
I just want to inform that we start a petition to save the services of the Italian consular agency of Neuchatel, Sion, Wettingen.
We know that Italy has to save money, but we know also that there are some privileges that cannot continue to exist.
I give you a little example. Italy has about 44 ambassadors somewhere in Europe. Each of them earns a respectable salary of about 200.000 euros per year (brut). On top of that they collect an indemnification of about 30.000 euro (tax free) per month!!!
We think that we have to start from cutting these unsustainable privileges, before cutting the services to the Italian emigrants.
If you agree and you have an ITALIAN CITIZENSHIP, please sign and make the petition on line:
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Thanks for your help,
P.S.: we are in hurry, since our Minister of Foreign Affairs will come in Neuchatel on the 11th September and we would hand-deliver the signature collected.

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