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Anti-labor trafficking field work in India (New Delhi)

I am currently here in New Delhi, India for a 2 month legal research and writing fellowship with Representative J. Panda in combating labor trafficking. I wanted to find out if any one has any personal or professional contacts with friends, family, NGOs, or the government in India.

I will be completing research and writing for his office during the Indian Parliament's winter session, as well as completing field work and research for my non-profit, the Trinity Human Rights Group - Protected content

Trinity is a solutions platform for combatting labor trafficking through trainings, research, and partnership; the main focus is combating labor trafficking that is driven by corporate supply chains and government contracting in a way that brings improvement to the lives of victims, survivors, vulnerable communities. I am going to focus on ways of improving internal and external relations with corporations and government contractors.

I am writing to ask whether you have any advice to give me for my time in India, and if you have connections in India with whom you are willing to share with me. I aim to meet with and interview various non profits that also combat labor trafficking, as well as auditors and compliance and risk management teams of multi/transnational corporations.

Thank you for your time!

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