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AnYahh Gallery in South Ex 2 a rip-off (New Delhi)


I just wanted to make all Delhi art lovers aware of a rip off and the unethical dealings that has happened to us at the AnYahh!! Art Gallery in South Extension 2, New Delhi. We have bought a painting from a known artist there this weekend which was offered to us for an " affordable" price of 1.2 Lakhs. We found it very expensive even as an investment but really liked the painting.
After some negotiations they went down to 1 Lakh and told us that the painting would be usually worth a lot more anywhere else.
Having bought art before, we understand that reputable galleries charge around Protected content % commission on top of the artist's price. Advertising itself as “ affordable art” we trusted that this is the price to pay for this known artist although we did find it very expensive. The next day we walked into a reputable art gallery in Hauz Khas Village, which is known to be expensive and found the SAME sized, SAME artist's, same SERIES painting for Rps 50, Protected content negotiating! We then researched different online gallery sites which also offer his paintings in a range of Rps 35, Protected content .
Since our painting had not been delivered yet and being grossly overcharged by AnYahh!! we then called the gallery and asked for an appointment with the owner/ buyer who was first not reachable. Finally, he answered his phone and basically told us that it is our bad luck that we paid this much money for the painting and that he will neither take it back nor refund us the difference to a fair price. On top of that he tried to offer us a cheap Rps 10,000 painting as a consolidation which we refused.
Such a pity that someone who positions as supporting artists, is actually profiting off the back of their efforts. The artist for sure will not see this money.
Avoid - you can do much better for the same level of work all over Delhi with reputable and professional gallery owners.
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